About us

Experience at your service

Having worked their way up the ranks since their inception, the two owners combine nearly 30 years of experience in the field of floor covering. Today, Ghislain Boudreault and Jean-Guy Laframboise are able to offer an in-depth expertise to their clients. Tapis J2G started its operation in 1998, as the two partners decided to combine their efforts to establish a business that would reflect their image.

Initially focused on professional services and quality products, Tapis J2G would certainly offer a wide range of floor coverings that can respond to a multitude of needs. Despite a more modest but certainly more reasonable start, both entrepreneurs become guarantors of their success in 2004 and will then have to expand the square footage of their business to 6000 ft2. The company located at 1150 Montreal Road West is continually evolving throughout the years with its customers and with its continued growth, an additional surface of 1000 ft2 has been added.

Supported by one of the most complete teams, the company always provides impeccable service both in the residential and commercial sectors. Thanks to, among other things, ongoing training, partnerships with major suppliers and certain exclusive products, Tapis J2G managed to stand out in a brilliant way and to constantly stay abreast of the latest trends.

On the eve of their 20th year of operations as entrepreneurs, Gyslain and Jean-Guy take a new step by improving and diversifying the range of products offered at Tapis J2G. This optimization will now allow them to offer an even more complete service, under one roof.

Involved in the community

At Tapis J2G, helping others is an important value and for that reason Gyslain and Jean-Guy involve themselves in all authenticity in several projects within the local community. The business owners would like to begin making a difference in their community and in addition, instigate and encourage the commitment of those around them.

Lions Club

One of the owners is an active member of the Lions Club since 2011. His involvement is primarily to offer some time for the management within the Board of Directors. At the helm of this council since 2014, Tapis J2G proudly sponsored an employee so that he would join the Club.

Golf tournament to benefit the IRIC

In 2014, Tapis J2G served as the honorary chairman for this annual tournament. In one edition, the tournament managed to raise $ 46,000 for the benefit of research against cancer. In 2015, on the day of the tournament, we learned that a total of $ 160,700 had been given to this day to the Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer through this event.

Renovations for Véro and John

Sensitive to people with special needs, the owners were keen to invest in a noble cause to help a young family in the Angers sector. Tapis J2G has indeed assumed the costs associated with new floor coverings of the family residence to meet the specialized needs of little Alicia, who has cerebral palsy.